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Baby Naming Ceremonies

This is such a lovely way to welcome a new family member in to the world, but also just as magical to welcome adopted children into your family too. 

If you wish to hold a ceremony without any religious connotations, then I can help you plan, design a baby naming ceremony as a wonderful alternative. As a parent, this ceremony can also celebrate your role in your child’s life, as well as thanking your own parents for your upbringing.


Instead of ‘Godparents’, you can choose ‘Supportive’ or ‘Guiding Adults’, who can write and say meaningful promises to your child. And as a family, you can involve grandparents and other family members too, including music, poem recitals and readings. Or they can participate in one of the many symbolic elements such as the Sand Ceremony or lighting a Unity Candle.


A baby naming ceremony is a wonderful way to bring families together to celebrate your life journey together.

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